Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Mr Men ABC book

What a great book it the fact it doesn't take itself too serious..
i.e todays educational books for children are too over thinked..
young kids have to learn and it must be mostly serious.
It hasn't been worked out by a committe what is important for todays kids..what is taboo and should be avoided, what could upset, alienate some children and are too hard for small children to understand.

I like the fact it is just good fun and some letters are just basically good fun like Z is for sleeping!
A nice Union Jack flag for Q is for Queen.
SH is for She and no mention of H is for He in the H section...
The funny image of Mr Happy with lipstick kiss on his cheek...
F is for Fat..:)
U is for Ugly a worm speaks out with a frown..
also love the Sun talking S is for Sun.
Its also nice that small words are also used like U is for Us, O is for On, Off and One.

Its nice how the letter fills the page with the Mr Men all around it.
A book that should be reprinted.

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  1. I have the Mr. Men ABC Book. I'll send you the pictures if you want. :)