Saturday, 10 October 2009

John Mouse

John Mouse by Roger Hargreaves
These two clearer covers sent in by Rory thanks mate!

So thats what John Mouse looks like!!

Did you know... In the Mr Impossible book there is a picture showing Mr Impossible reading a John Mouse book upside down!! This book is a series Roger Hargreaves has done. The series had John Mouse raises the alarm, John Mouse and the apple adventure, John Mouse in the cave, John Mouse in the news, John Mouse down on the farm, John Mouse goes to wormland, John Mouse goes to work.

Roger Hargreaves also had twin daughters called Sophie and Amelia,
which also happens to be the names of John mouse's younger twin sisters.
(they accompanied him on one of his adventures "down on the farm"
and happened to be the ones who left the farmyard gate open that begat the rucus that inevitably ensued)
regards bruce

On one auction site I found one of the John Mouse books I was missing and put in a bid. After being outbid many times, I put in a semi-silly bid of £50 which I discovered was automatically beaten! Someone clearly thinks these books are worth a lot of money. Sadly I have no scanner so I cannot send you any pictures. The books are lovely and I fondly remember reading them as a child. They have a reading age perhaps a couple of years above the Mr Men books and the same delightful illustrations. I hope this information is of some use and if you know of somewhere where I might find out more about John Mouse, do let me know! Thank you, Phil Jack

Here's a lovely comment from Mr Jelly-
It was nice to see some of Roger Hargreaves other creations name checked, I can vouch for John Mouse because I used to have a copy of John Mouse goes to work (he was very naughty, linking all the paper clips together, and leaving inky footprints all over the place!), I don't know where you could find a copy of that these days. I like the cartoons, you've got a very professional style and a good sense of humour. It reminded me a bit of Gary Larson's Far Side (especially the sliced bread). Mr Jelly (his user name!)
check out the web site!

These lovely books should be reprinted...its great Roger Hargreaves did so many different books..he was so creative...very inspirational..

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