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Mr Men fans part 2

First Name : leanne Website/email : Comment : hi,i have a mr christmas that was designed for mcdonalds around 5 years ago by the mr men company, ive never taken it out of it wrapper is it worth keeping hold of or is it just taking up space?

Hi! Love your Collectables page! Didn't know these were rare. These books are so funny. Everybody's a Roundy or a Squary ends with: Roundies want to get to know squaries. Squaries don't want to know. One of the pages in I'm a Roundy, You're a Squary reads: Roundies like to sing. Squaries can't stand Roundies singing.
Love b. -x-
Thanks for this..

May 2005...
Check out this super Mr Men website....Richard must of spent loads of money in the rare stuff....Peter

April 2005 an interesting email I recieved......
Hi there, I thought that I would drop you a line as from your website you would appear to be quite an authority on everything Mr Men. I used to be a big fan and, thanks to my daughter, have recently rediscovered why I loved them so much. I enjoyed them so much that I created one as part of my GCSE project back in 1988. I called him Mr Nobody.

Now someone once told me that they had seen a book called Mr Nobody but I thought that I knew them all and "knew" that there wasn't such a Mr Man. This evening I thought that I would have another look (I have looked before) and I finally found a reference on your site - not only a reference, but pages from the book. Worst of all, it was written three years before I "created" him... The wierdest thing is that both stories had similar ideas, although to be honest I still prefer my story. I often thought about writing to Roger to tell him my story but now I am glad that I didn't - it was the year that he died and I would have hated to send the story to his family at that time.

I have been looking for the story boards for some time but I still have the clay-mation film that I made (in video-8 I think the format is). I recently, last year, had it transferred onto VHS so that I could finally watch it. Not quite as good as I imagined it would be but it certainly brought back memories...

My story revolved around the concept that kids always blamed Mr Nobody when things were broken or went wrong. Mr Nobody was just a pair of eyes - I didn't think of Roger's idea of making him transparent although I really like that. My Mr Nobody also went to a wizard but he explained that he was fed up of being blamed for everything. The wizard waved his wand and suddenly he became Mr Somebody (shock horror). Mr Somebody was dressed in top hat and tails with white gloves - very much a somebody. Mr Somebody them went around telling people when the kids were naughty. Needless to say he became very unpopular very quickly. As a result he returned to the wizard who turned him back to Mr Nobody. The punchline was along the lines of..."everything was back to normal...." and then on the back page "almost" - Mr Nobody now having a huge cheesy grin, like the Cheshire Cat.

Well, I suppose that my dreams of having my own story added to the collection are dead and buried (although I realise that Roger's Mr Nobody is no longer in print and not part of the "set" so there is theoretically still a chance...) Good look with Mr Excited - I like that idea, having my own hyperactive child!

On another note, I too used to have Mr Men Sportsday and at the Sea-side. Top website - keep it up! Malc Thanks Malc......what an amazing coinciendence!!.....

March 2005...........

Mr Men news!

New!..16th Nov 2004........ Try out this website for old mr men books....thanks to a mr man fan emailing me....*Search+Box*Form&sortby=3&imagefield.y=5

4th Nov 2004....
Hi I have been lurking on your website (now a blog) for info on Mr. men for some time now. Anyway there is a new Little Miss book called Little Miss Jealous which is an Australian exclusive from Angus and Robertson booksellers here. Again, it was submitted by a reader competition and procceds goto Ronald MacDonald House for Children's Hospitals. She looks like Mr. Sneeze a bit and pink. However as she gets jealous she turns green (with envy). Cheers Richard ........................THANKS FOR THE INFO!
October 18th 2004... From Michelle & David...thanks

10th Aug 2004..... MR MEN GO 3D!!!!!!
the Mr Men are going computer generated year or 2 years animations Chorion who did Noddy 3D....sounds good to me....

From Kathryn Fields...... Thanks
John Mouse stories! Whilst having a hunt around for John Mouse books to see how much they are worth,I found your site.I'm in my early thirties and teach in a primary school.I found my 4 books in the loft and decided to try them in my literacy class with 6 year olds.How they giggled!They love John Mouse on the farm.I can now tell them that Sophie and Amelia were Roger's daughters-didn't know that. Thanks-not many people seem to know them. Shame-they are fab
Thanks Jane for your thoughts..Peter

22nd May 2004
Hi Peter, I have managed to get hold of the Mr Stupid poster!!!
I have scanned it in bit by bit and stuck it together. Hope you enjoy reading this rare Mr Men Character Story. I think they should make him into a limited edition book like Mr Cheeky and Mr Christmas. I think Mr Nobody and Grandfather Clock should also be re-released in the standard size book format, they would sell a shed load!
Have fun, Mike.
Thanks Mike again.....its great you got the poster! Peter Gray!

May 11th 2004- Thanks to Mike N...has sent a great super rare poster.......the story seems to be about Mr Stupid ignoring the Mr Men to play on the line........trips over...train coming...Mr Strong stops train in time...Mr Stupid most likely changes his name...i.e Mr Sensible! Just a guess!!

A new Mr Men story is out now.....with a lovely glitter cover like the Little Miss Naughty and the good fairy this is
Mr Happy and the wizard with a very creepy book..the book is magic!!! I would of loved to see more Mr Men and Little Miss changed by magic...if only Little Miss Trouble had the book!

Mr Men have new owner.......check out the BBC News website!

Check out this website selling Mr Men items and other popular character past products at....

April 21st 2004......
See Mr Spendy at Fraser's Toonhound.....I've never seen this until today...great stuff!!! Mr Mean will hate him!!!!
Also check out a New Mr Men website...from the forum at
My 6 year old son Timmy (mad Mr Man Fan) is the reason I subscribe to this list. He has now put a Mr Men and Little Miss Website up which may should be of interest It includes sections on French and Welsh versions. Please have a look at: Chris
Check it out......great french book pictures..Peter!

April 11th 2004-
I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I love your site! As an American Roger hargreaves fan, we don't get all of the cool things you have access to over in the UK. The new books have not been released here and we don't know if they will be. I order all of my McDonald's toys from Ebay.

Recently, I found the whole collection of French Mr. Men Books on and ordered them all for over $80! Unfortunately, the seller backed out and told me they didn't actually have the titles. Imagine my supreme dissapointment!

I attached some roundy/squarey books I found on Ebay. I hope you enjoy it.--Mark
THANKS MARK....Wish I had those books myself! Peter
I've put this on another blog post..

26th March 2004
Dear Peter, Please find attached a Mr Men jigsaw cover which I'm sure you'll find interesting. You'll probably recognise the style as one of the jigsaws you're already familiar with. I hope this is useful.(Thank you!)
I recently bought the complete Mr Men from (£7.99) and relived some very happy memories and I'm sure you've done something very similar. Let's face it, Arthur Lowe will always be remembered as Captain Mainwaring, but his vocal skills as demonstrated here prove, if it wasn't obvious, that he was capable of much more - just check his array of voices in Mr Mean's story (I particularly like the croaky old man!) If I've a complaint about the series, it's that Mr Topsy-Turvy is portrayed as a twittering imbecile, rather than an eccentric who goes his own way, like Mr Muddle. It'd be churlish to say "Who's that pretending to be Mr Snow?", however, as it was such a top show.
I recall from a trip to the dentist in the late '80s that the Mr Men were used to advertised dental hygiene for children - "Look after your teeth", sort of thing. There were six characters used, but I can only recollect two: Mr Chatterbox being quiet for a change (he was brushing his teeth!); and Mr Impossible, having changed his shape to a vertical oval! I'm not kidding!?! Still it's his body and he's more than able after all! Stephen..Thanks Stephen for your insights...Peter!

These also new hard cover books Gossip with Little Miss Chatterbox and Student life with Mr Messy out now!

28th Jan 2004 I looked at my guestbook today and saw that Ben a 11 Year old No.1 Mr Men fan was in a quiz on This Morning and did very well!He has asked Adam Hargreaves to draw his creation Little Miss Internet!!
He has a Mr Men site please take a look its very good!

I have all the odd numbers...the even ones are out this week!!!!!
1..Mr Happy.. 3..Mr Tickle.. 5..Chatterbox.. 7..Sunshine .. and 9..Mr Good..
I like the books with them they are very good!!
Peter Gray...

MCDonalds has NEW!! Mr and Little Miss toys and books in the happy meal range!!!
The Mr and Little Miss stories are NEW by Adam Hargreaves!!!

It stars Mr Funny with book and toy of him...squeeze body and water shoots out of flower!!
Little Miss Giggles with a joke book...Mr Cool toy on skateboard and a special book to say how cool you are and the characters!!
Mr Bump with plasters to stick in the book!
Little Miss Splendid with a mirror which reveals secrets in book?!!
Little Miss Chatterbox with a phone it for us to fill in??
The Mr Happy toy giggles as you read the book..It has Mr Happy trying to make Mr Grumpy smile...
check out the slapstick film they are watching with Mr Skinny and Mr Greedy as Laurel and Hardy!!(Super!!)
Mr Tickle bendy arms toy!!
These small 10 books have a few pages But lots of fun...
When you put all 10 together they have on the spines..
Mr Men and Little Miss by Roger Hargreaves Happy Meal with logo..
Check out the MCDonalds website and see for yourself..

lovely glitter cover (or fairy dust!)...Little Miss Naughty and the good fairy

L'Oreal Promotion Mr Daydream and the big splash....very good!
New! Mr Good and Little Miss Whoops!! Out now!!
See Toonhounds info on the Mr men and other links!!!

Four NEW!! Mr Men and Little Miss books to be released on 1 April 2003
Mr Rude, Mr Cool, Little Miss Scary and Little Miss Bad.
View at bottom of this page

Look out for Be my Mr Happy and Be my Little Miss Sunshine books where you tick the boxes to match how you feel about your girlfriend or boyfriend!

A 30th Anniversay book of the Mr Tickle with original art and history by Adam!

Two new Mr Men by Adam Hargreaves in September..
Mr Good and Little Miss Whoops see pictures below!
To buy the complete set of Mr Men, Little Miss and Mr Christmas
go to WHSmiths web site UK
Mr Christmas is out now!
Mr Men and Little Miss CD Roms out now!
Mr Men, Fun to Learn Stars comic by Redan.

Catch Mr Men and Little Miss in the mornings on Milkshake Channel five England.

..Look out for Mr and Little Miss videos out now!

A new official Mr Men website has been set up

A new Mr Men book written by Adam Hargreaves called Mr Cheeky.. view this on this page.

Roger Hargreaves is second in England to J K Rowling as best selling author!!

Mr Men Links and detailed old news

Mr Cool......or is it Mr Daydream!! The new Mr Men Mr Cool is a mixture of Snap the Crocodile from Timbuctoo...(Snap your fingers for magic to happen)...Mr Daydream making your dreams come true and Mr Sneeze....can you find the page when he didn't have a red nose...(spots) Mr Cool also looks like a icecream cone (very cool!)
Mr Sneeze in the news!

Series 2 out this Monday!...Little Miss Dvd the original series out NOW!!!in September!!

From Mike Nichols scanned covers of the French Little Misses

Buy now the 1st series of the original Mr Men TV Series
narrated by Arthur Lowe
13 episodes...95 minutes of greatness!...
On D.V.D and video! Mr Happy, Silly, Jelly, Snow, Bounce,
Forgetful, Funny, Bump, Tickle, Small, Messy, Greedy and Mr Sneezw!
Later on Little Miss Dvd the original series out in September!!

I got mine from HMV!

To make space for more guest book are the ones I had to move...More added here Aug 2006..
lindatandy Comment: thanks for the site. im doing a university presentation on roger and found it so helpful. cheers

7 First Name: jo Website/email: Comment: hi, its jo from, just a quick note to let you know ive changed my address im now the would appreciate it very if you could add a link to your site as you did before, and i will of course keep a link


10 First Name: Bryan Comment: Thank you very much for bringing back all these memories...Im a huge fan of the easy peasy books!sadly Ive only one left(Percy Purr) and Ive been looking everywhere to find the rest of the collection to treasure as I do this one!But living in Luxembourg i

13 First Name: billie Comment: i love the website it well good

14 First Name: Mathew Comment: Hi. I really love your site. My girlfriend collects mr men stuff and loves it for reference purposes. But she really needs a Mr silly with an umbrella. If anyone can help me out for her christmas present l would love you. My e-mail is

15 First Name: Michael Comment: I love your Mr.Men website. Very informative, and I found out more Mr.Men and Little Miss thanks to you. Hey! Ive found a NEW Little Miss! LITTLE MISS CHRISTMAS! Just look here!: She looks so

2 First Name: Clare Comment: Hi there Please, please, please could you send me the recipe for Mr Snows chocloate Snowballs? I used to have the annual with it in, and nagged my mum to let me make them every weekend (that was 20 years ago!!!). I now have 2 children of my own


4 First Name: kathleen Comment: BRILLIANT

5 First Name: Natassia Comment: I love the Mr Men and want to make a file with information!

6 First Name: *maaya* Website/email: hmm... Comment: This site needs more upgrading!
Well it is upgraded now and new p[osts will come soon..

And u should make a seperate frame for the menu. Anyways i heard about the tv shows theyre so funny. I wonder if theres any clips available.

7 First Name: Moo Comment: Hey guys. Im searching for a copy of the cassette of Mr Men Songs with Arthur Lowe from around 1974/1976. Theres a picture of the cassette cover on this site but I cant track it down anywhere. Any ideas?? Thanks in truckloads. Amanda. keep looking on ebay..

9 First Name: Mr Ben Website/email: Comment: Hi again! Im still collecting Mr Men and my site is growing and has been updated, please take a look. I now have the full set of wind up Mr men from 1975 and still plan to open my museum when I leave school. Mr Ben

10 First Name: eva maria Website/email: Comment: nice greetings from austria/styria! :) your homepage is wonderful, i enoyed it. *eva*

11 First Name: jessie Website/email: Comment: omg! wow ur website rules! i love mr tickle the best! i am ticklish under my arms on my tummy and on my feet! ha ha i dont have an email but i will and it will probably include something to do with tickling in it!!!! ha ha im obsessed with tickling so you

13 First Name: marie Comment: i have the mr.dizzy book from 1976 and i was wondering if it was worth anything. i also have a mr.quiet bookfrom 1978. couldanyone tell me what they are worth? just look on ebay and see what they sell for..

14 First Name: Michael Comment: Have you come across a times table learning tape. I believe it was called Up to Ten with the Mr Men. It featured Arthur Lowes narrating a story about each table, followed by a catchy tune. We used it about twenty years ago with our children. would be interesting to see..

1 First Name: Sara Comment: I am wondering if anyone has a recipe for Mr. Happys Tea Time treat. My mom used to make it for me when I was little, and its yummy! Unfortunately, I dont remember what book it was from... If someone could send me the recipe I would be most appreciative! maybe Mr Men cook book.keep looking on ebay..

2 First Name: James Thomspno Comment: Hello Peter congratulations on your engagement! (I've now be married for nearly 5 years...time flies..But very Mr Happy)

I wrote to the website before to ask for the Mr Snows Snowballs recipe. Thanks for sending it to me, they were delicious. Unfortunately I have lost the recipe and I promissed my friend I would make her some

3 First Name: Mr Ben Comment: Hello, My name is Ben and I am 11 years old, some of you may have seen me on TV last week on This Morning on ITV with my Mr Men collection. I think I am the mr mens number one fan and collector! I have a web site at

4 First Name: Jason Comment: The actual names of the French Little Miss are: Casse Pied = Busy Body, Geniale = Brillaint, Coquette = Pretty, Tinatmarre = Loud, Collet Monte = Prim, Oui = Yes, Prudent = Careful and Moi je = Haughty Taughty - I have even seen these on cards and jigsaw

5 First Name: Ade Website/email: Comment: I love the Mr Men! They are great!
6 First Name: reece Comment: My name is Reece Cameron Hunter (3 years old) and Daddy Hunter too (28 years old). we love the website! Though I had all the Mr men books but then heard about all of these new ones Mr fight et al Must find these!
7 First Name: Paul Bishop Comment: I think the Mr Men are great. keepup the good work.
8 First Name: calum Comment: I think your site is very good Calum (aged 7)
10 First Name: laurel Comment: I love mr men If anybody knows where on the internt I can get a good picture of Mr. Bump I would really apriciate it.
12 First Name: Roger Comment: I know quite a few people who fit mr men and little miss characters- is there a mr BORING?
13 First Name: sue Comment: any idea where i can get a mr happy toy? cuddly thing cos my daughter loves him
14 First Name: mike nichols Comment: mike is in ayia napa at the mo. it is 3am and on an internet thingy. just checkin in 2 c if there r any changes. keep up the good work peter!
15 First Name: Shawn Comment: I really would like to buy some of the Timbuctoo books - do you know where I can buy them? I have checked on Ebay and that is limited. I am willing to pay good for them!

A new official Mr Men website has been set up check it out-

A new Mr Men book written by Adam Hargreaves called Mr Cheeky. It was designed by Gemma Almond who is 8 years old. She won a competition for the 30th birthday of the Mr Men. It is released for a limited time in WHSmiths and raises money for Leukaemia. The Mr Man is a triangle shape, purple with a round hat. To see what he looks like go to- Its brillant! I hope Adam will create more Mr Men!!

Roger Hargreaves is second in England to J K Rowling as best selling author!! Check out this BBC News story-

Here's a lovely comment from Mr Jelly-
Hi Peter, thanks for the kind words. I liked your site, there was lots of Mr Men information I didn't know, and I liked the pictures. It was nice to see some of Roger Hargreaves other creations name checked, I can vouch for John Mouse because I used to have a copy of John Mouse goes to work (he was very naughty, linking all the paper clips together, and leaving inky footprints all over the place!), I don't know where you could find a copy of that these days. I like the cartoons, you've got a very professional style and a good sense of humour. It reminded me a bit of Gary Larson's Far Side (especially the sliced bread). Mr Jelly (his user name!)
check out the web site!

Please contact me if you have any info via email!


  1. Peter,
    Thank you so so so so much!! I used to have the snowball recipe as a child, me and my siblings would badger mum to make them all the time and long after we all moved out my parents bought a new kitchen and mum had a big clearout - since then the snowball recipe was lost (we had carelessly ripped out the recipe pages to keep in the recipe cupboard).
    Since then I have had mum re-search for those two pages and I can recall Googling it a few times. This morning I wake up with an out of the blue memory of it, Google it again and here it is - some 15 years later!!
    I'm making these today and will be savouring the lot! Thank you for making me happy :)

  2. Hi Peter,

    I know where the Mr. Snow's Chocolate Snowballs recipe is found. It's found in The Mr. Men Annual no.4.

    I have a rare complete collection of American Mr. Men Little Miss story records from the USA from 1983. I won them in a bid on eBay. I just love playing them on my record player and dancing to the songs. I also have a collection of Mr. Men Little Miss stuff including vintage Mr. Men Little Miss stuff from the UK, USA, and France.

    Thanks so much for bringing fans back happy memories of Mr. Men and Little Miss. :D


  3. Hi, was anyone able to answer Michael about the 'Up to ten with the Mr Men' tape? I used to listen to this as a child and have been searching for it in any audio form for years.