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1935- Roger Hargreaves was born at Cleckheaton, Yorkshire England.

1964- Adam Hargreaves is born.

1971- The Mr Men are invented after Adam asked Roger what a tickle was!
Roger wifes name is Christine with four children Adam, Giles and the twin sisters Amelia and Sophie.
Roger Hargreaves is an advertising executive.
Mr Tickle, Greedy, Happy, Nosey, Sneeze, Bump and Mr Snow
are the first books published at 15p.
Mr Daydream, Mr Messy, Mr Small,
Mr Uppity, Mr Topsy-Turvy, Mr Silly (Rogers favourite Mr Man)
At 20p by Fabbri books

1972- Mr Messy, Mr Dizzy, Mr Muddle, Mr Noisy, Mr Mean, Mr Strong, Mr Lazy, Mr Chatterbox,
Mr Jelly, Mr Impossible, Mr Fussy, Mr Forgetful and Mr Funny arrive!!!

1974- The classic tv series of the Mr Men are screened with Arthur Lowe

1975- Mr Men gift book comes out

1976- The bigger story books and activity books come out.
The Mr Men on Holiday, Christmas, Sports Day, Cook book,
My very own Mr Men book, Mr Small's Colouring book, Mr Men ABC, My Mr Men Counting book.

1978- Roger ends his job at the advertising industry to concentrate on the Mr Men.

1979- The first Mr Men Annual comes out for 1980!
Timbuctoo books comes out

1980- Mr Men Word books come out to teach children and make them laugh
Mr Funny at the circus, Mr Greedy goes shopping, Mr Happy at the seaside, Mr Muddle goes to school,
Mr Nosey follows his nose, Mr Silly on the farm, Mr Strong to the rescure, Mr Tickle in the park.

1981- The Little Miss are created!
His wife asked Roger for him to create these!

The first series is Little Miss Late, Trouble, Splendid, Naughty, Neat, Scatterbrain,
Plump(later Greedy!), Tiny, Helpful, Shy, Sunshine, Magic and Bossy.
Does anyone know when the second series came out is it 1972?

1984- Mr Christmas comes out!
A4 size

1985- The tv series ends with Arthur Lowe from 1974.

1988- Roger died at age 53.
Later Adam and Amelia take on the work of drawing and writing for the Mr Men.

1989- The Easy People by Gray Jolliffe and Roger Hargreaves

1996- On channel 5 and Nickleodeon 100 episodes of the Mr Men animation are shown.

1998- Adam Hargreaves produces the first six new stories of Mr Men and Little Miss.
Mr Tickle in a tangle, Mr Happy finds a hobby,
Mr Silly gets the giggles, Little Miss Sunshine keeps her smile, Little Miss Trouble moving house,
Little Miss Scatterbrain sets off the sun. this is followed until there is 12 books of the Mr Men and 12 of the Little Miss.

2000-Mr Greedy guide to food, Mr Mean's guide to Management, Mr Bump's guide to DIY, Mr Lazy's guide to Fitness by Adam Hargreaves and Andrew Langley.

2001- 30 years of the Mr Men!
Little Miss Naughty's guide to Love by Adam Hargreaves comes out! MC Donalds bring out in October 40 soft toys with the happy meal!

2002- Mr Tickle's guide to Women and Little Miss Troubles guide to Men by Adam Hargreaves comes out!
Mr Christmas big soft toy! comes out in Dec which you can buy at MC Donalds!

2003- Be my Mr Happy and Be my Little Miss Sunshine come out in Feb. It is a book where you tick the boxes to show what you think of your boyfriend or girlfriend! eg. Silly, Shy, Clumsy etc..
New Mr Men- 1st April -Mr Good, Mr Rude, Mr Cool, Little Miss Scary and Little Miss Bad.
Two new Mr Men by Adam Hargreaves in September..
Mr Good and Little Miss Whoops
Mr Rude, Mr Cool, Little Miss Scary and Little Miss Bad. I'll type more another day!!

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