Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Roger wrote Timbuctoo with animals in a shape of a Mr Men
(including the unusual hats and shoes common to Mr Men) called Snap! (the croc) Growl (a bear) Meeow! (a cat,
who wore a hat the same as Mr Uppity) Woof (a dog) Quack (a duck, who wore the same shoes as Little Miss Neat)
Sniff (a rabbit) Roar (a lion) Squeak (a mouse)etc... This has been made recently into several good short animation
with the voice of Ronnie Corbet- a comedian from the British Comedies The two Ronnies and Sorry!
These characters not only had there own books roughly the same shape as the Mr Men but also appeared
in the comic and annual of Pippin. Pippin had characters of Dr Snuggles, Morph, The Munch Bunch, Ivor the Engine,
Mary, Mungo (the dog) and Midge (the mouse) and other Children's Tv favourites!


  1. Interesting to see Timbuctoo here. I've recently been trying to finish my collection off and have noticed that the 2nd prints seem to have completely redrawn pages, including the interiors (which have that wrinkle around the eye style that the originals don't - see the interiors you've posted here. In certain cases they look entirely different (see Moo from the original pictures in the annual to her appearance on the "new covers". Any idea what this is about? I have to admit I much preferred the old Roger Hargreaves style rather than what looks suspiciously similar to Adam's.

    Two small corrections BTW:
    a) Chatter wasn't a new Timbuctoo animal - he's listed on the back cover of the original books
    b) The only new Timbuctoo animal is Bray, and it sounds like he was only introduced for the cartoon to round out the episodes to 26 - I can't find any proof that a Bray book has ever existed.

    Thanks for this site! It is great!

  2. I too have been looking to finish my original collection. But I am also trying to buy the 1999 versions for my Son but can only find a few (Trumpet, Buzz, Growl, Snap, cluck, oink, meow, and Neigh) As for the rest nothing, and can not locate the infamous Bray anywhere. Do they exist?

  3. I loved Timbuctoo - real pity the originals didn’t stay in print.