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Mr Men fans

30th Sept 2004
Just wanted to say I very much enjoyed looking at your site. I used to be a big fan of the Mr Men 30 years ago when I was four or five and they were just starting out (I still am really), and now both my children are very much into them. I wondered if you know anyone else who has a signed letter from Roger Hargreaves like I do (see enclosed picture). Feel free to put this on your site if you like - I can do you a better quality scan if necessary Best regards
Richard Twyman

From J Murphy...
I was browsing your web site on Mr Men and there was errors with respect to the french mr men you have found. I cannot remember the french names off hand.
However, Miss Flirt is in fact Miss Pretty (appeared on a Sainsburys yogurt here in UK). Miss Laugh is Miss Loud. Mons Bageruer is Mr CrossPatch. Ms Geniale is Miss Brilliant. Others are Miss Busy Body, Miss Careful, Miss Prim and Miss Haughty Taughty. You also missed Mr Right from Mr Wrong on your montage of all mr men ever. (LOOK in poster 2... 2nd row...there is Mr Right so you are wrong (a little play on words there!) Peter Gray
22nd Sept 2003

I met Adam Hargreaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sat Aug 2 2003 I queued up......first in line to meet Adam Hargreaves in WHSmiths.....he signed my collectors Mr Tickle book drew inside Mr Small.......I wanted to be since I found out on Tuesday he was coming to Guildford....I though I'd draw him a present....being a cartoonist....I drew every character Roger and Adam have ever created on a A2 paper.....this is no mean feat.....I drew all the Mr Men and Little misses....all the human Farmer fields then all of Timbuctoo....then things, Roundy Squary, all the characters in John mouse...Grandfather clock Mr Man( Adam liked this!) All the human characters in the new stories of Mr Men and Little Misses...and Mr Good etc... Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took me 4 days on and off.....a huge task....I ran out of time to colour it!!!!!! He was thrilled....I have got photos of me meeting him I'll show on my website another time...
Peter Gray

Here is that poster drawn by me!! There are some missing (due to was very difficult to scan!!)..why not print out and draw in!!! I drew myself in the top left hand corner!!

Mr Bump is Adams favourite Mr Man...I thought it was Mr Tickle!! hence Little miss Whoops coming out in September!!! Adam took over straight away after his father died...though he s wasn't a cartoonist...AMAZING! He picked it up very quickly... its taken him 15 years to get where he is!! I suggested Mr Excited as an idea...a good idea! I also suggested a Junior Mr and Little Miss...not a good idea! Roger H...Didn't draw any cartoons in his advertising wonder it was so boring.. He always wanted to have his own comic strip published...Loads of rejects...until Mr Men was thought up... He also played with the idea of a tramp character...His early stuff is tramp book or previous comic strips were kept!!! DOH! Adam draws from the leg up to the body to get the shape smooth... Anyway maybe Mr Excited will be the next new Mr Men...

Why not send in your drawing for a Mr Men or Little Miss...This is only for fun! My idea is Mr Excited...why not draw and send to me!!

Mr Man fan Mike Nichols...drew Mr Excited and Mr Love.
..Great stuff!!

Also from Mike (what a Trooper!)
Every known Mr Men and Little Miss known to man!! French..Nobody..Mr Christmas....Mr Grandfather clock etc...

list of all the Mr Men and the French names!!
Name English French (Monsiuer / Madame)
1 Little Miss All-goes-well (French story) Tout-va-bein
2 Little Miss Bad
3 Little Miss Bossy Autoritaire
4 Mr Bounce Bing
5 Little Miss Brainy Je-Sais-Tout
6 Mr Brave Courageux
7 Mr Bump Malchance
8 Little Miss Busy
9 Mr Busy Rapide
10 Little Miss Careful (French story) (In Little Miss Curious story) Prudente
11 Little Miss Chatterbox Bavarde
12 Mr Chatterbox Bavarde
13 Mr Cheeky (Special edition)
14 Mr Cheerful Joyeux
15 Mr Christmas (Special edition)
16 Mr Clever Malin
17 Mr Clumsy Maladront
18 Little Miss Contrary Contraire
19 Mr Cool
20 Little Miss Curious Pourquoi
21 Mr Daydream Reve
22 Mr Dizzy Nigalo
23 Little Miss Dotty (Little Miss Ditzy in USA) Follette
24 Mr Dumb (Safety Awareness badge)
25 Little Miss Fickle Indecise
26 Mr Fight (French story) Bagarreur
27 Little Miss Flirt (French story) Coquette
28 Mr Forgetful Etourde
29 Little Miss Fun
30 Mr Funny Rigolo
31 Mr Fussy Tatillon
32 Little Miss Giggles Risette
33 Mr Good
34 Grandfather Clock (Rare early Roger Hargreaves book)
35 Little Miss Greedy (Formerly Little Miss Plump) Dodue
36 Mr Greedy Glouton
37 Mr Grumble Grognon
38 Mr Grumpy Grincheux
39 Mr Happy Heureux
40 Little Miss Helpful Catastrophe
41 Mr Impossible Incroyable
42 Little Miss Inspired (French story) Geniale
43 Mr Jelly (Mr Nervous in USA) Peureux
44 Little Miss Late En-Retarde
45 Little Miss Laugh (French story) Tintamarre
46 Mr Lazy Endormi
47 Little Miss Lucky Chance
48 Little Miss Magic Magie
49 Mr Mean (Mr Stingy in USA) Avare
50 Mr Messy Sale
51 Mr Mischief Farceur
52 Mr Miserable (In Mr Happy story)
53 Mr Muddle Meli-Melo
54 Little Miss Naughty Canaille
55 Little Miss Neat Proprette
56 Mr No (French story) Non
57 Mr Nobody (Special edition)
58 Mr Noisy Bruit
59 Mr Nonsense Bizarre
60 Mr Nosey Curieux
61 Little Miss Nusiance (French story) Casse-Pieds
62 Mr Perfect Parfait
63 Little Miss Quick
64 Mr Quiet Silence
65 Mr Right (In Mr Wrong story)
66 Mr Rude
67 Mr Rush Presse
68 Little Miss Scary
69 Little Miss Scatterbrain Tete-en-l'air
70 Little Miss Selfish (French story) Moi-Je
71 Little Miss Shy Timide
72 Mr Silly Etonnant
73 Mr Skinny Maigre
74 Mr Slow Lent
75 Mr Small Petite
76 Mr Sneeze Atchoum
77 Mr Snow Neige
78 Little Miss Somersault Acrobate
79 Little Miss Splendid Beaute
80 Little Miss Star Vedette
81 Mr Strong Costaud
82 Little Miss Stubborn Tetue
83 Little Miss Sunshine Bonheur
84 Mr Tall Grand
85 Mr Tickle Chatouille
86 Little Miss Tidy Range-Tout
87 Little Miss Tiny Petite
88 Mr Topsy-Turvy A L'envers
89 Little Miss Trouble Chipie
90 Little Miss Twins Double
91 Mr Uppity Malpoli
92 Little Miss Whoops
93 Little Miss Wise Sage
94 Wilfred Wizard (In Little Miss Bossy Story)
95 Mr Worry Inquiet
96 Mr Wrong Farfelu
97 Little Miss Yes (French story) Oui

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