Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Spec Savers Mr Men advert..done in 70's style..:)

This is just the off model Mr Men like the animation was..also the voice over is a bit like Arther Lowes..
Brought back lots of good memories..

Well this ad made me smile..:)

Also liked the Postman Pat one was even recorded on video tape to give the same look..

Thursday, 27 May 2010

More Daily Mail ..Mr Men comic strip

As said before my Grandma used to save these for me...I would cut them out and stick them in my scrap a very messy way.hey I was a child..:) a very happy child..

This is in response to this forum..
though above is the Daily Mail comic strip..

To see the Daily Mirror Mr Men comic stip go to the website below.I've done it and loved reading the Mirrors old comic stips..just for a small price..

Friday, 12 March 2010

Mr nobody is back..

Adam Hargreaves has redrawn Mr Nobody to fit the small book he did with Mr Christmas..

See some pages of the original Mr Nobody by Roger on this blog...25 years ago..

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Mr Men Radio 4 documentary..

Catch it on the IPlayer and the podcast

available to download from 19-26 February

It was interesting to hear...

The bit that stood out was the Mr Men brand being sold off..But I still felt sad..seems like everything is sold off these days to companies abroad. e.g Cadburys..
Though the company has at least used the product to make new things like The Mr Men Show. Sooty was bought out at one stage and no new products, tv shows were glad it was bought by someone who will use them Richard Cadell.
Thats the danger..

Anyway I'm glad the Mr Men are in safe hands..and by a company that is using them..

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Jumping on the Mr Men bandwagon!

Whoopee!! comic Advert 18th July 1977.
The poses are all the same..walking to the left..same background..same smile..and the shoes are very copied from Mr Clumsy and Little Miss Splendid..these adverts need Roger Hargreaves he would of done a much more fun job..

Whoopee!! comic Advert from 2nd August 1980.
Its amazing how ugly this looks..those ugly teeth the boring poses some are in the same postion.

Just shows how the original Mr Men by Roger Hargreaves is so appealing in contrast to these copy clones.