Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Mr Men and Little Miss Royal Doulton figurines

These Little Miss Royal Doulton are based on their books!
Little Miss Fun.. Little Miss Bossy with magical bossy boots! .. Little Miss Busy busy with a book!
Little Miss Chatterbox on the phone to Mr Chatterbox..(I bet!).. Little Miss Curious (and a daper worm!)
Little Miss Helpful making the breakfast in a very unhelpful way! .. Little Miss Giggles
Little Miss Giggles skipping! .. Little Miss Naughty about to paint Mr Noseys nose!
Little Miss Neat going away on holiday!.. Little Miss Shy and falling leaves
Little Miss Sunshine changes the name of the land! .. Little Miss Trouble
Little Miss Late eating an icecream in the snow.. How late! .. Little Miss Scatterbrain
Little Miss Shy has been invited to a party!.. Little Miss Star
Little Miss Magic with toothbrush cleaning her teeth by magic!

Mr Men Royal Doulton

A lot of the Mr Men Royal Doulton feature a scene which can be seen in their book!

A very bouncy Mr Bounce!
Mr Clever can be seen with a very clever clock!
Mr Funny is making the flowers laugh!
Mr Greedy eating a chocolate cake!
Mr Grumpy tearing out pages from a book!
Mr Happy with happy flowers!
Mr Mischeif has nicked the wizards wand!
Mr Noisy being noisy and a worm very upset by him!
Mr Nosey reading someone elses mail!
Mr Silly getting very wet instead of dry with an umbrella!
Mr Silly and a silly worm in a top hat!
Mr Small smaller than a flower!
Mr Strong like his eggs! whoops!!
Mr Tickle tickles the worm!
Mr Topsy-Turvy with a hat and cane the wrong way round!
A very lazy Mr Lazy!
Mr Clumsy has knocked down the can display! whoops!!
Mr Bump bumping apple trees to make the apple fall..great job!
Mr Impossible does a handstand with no hands..Thats impossible!!

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