Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Mr Men Show

Mr Rude is in the headlines in the new Five Mr Men show the character will have a French accent...the French don't like this..Whoops! as Mr Clumsy would say. Its funny as the new Mr Men show looked like it was going to be very political correct show already.
Also shows how even silly thing like this can get this culturally times in a stir...How silly!

Feb 21st 2008
Get ready (NEXT MONDAY MORN) to see the Mr Men show Channel 5 on Monday-Friday morning 7:30 (its now on at 7:15am on its second series..time flies..)on Milkshake. The advert for this on Five was great:) it was done in the style of the Arthur Lowe 70's series as the Mr Men walk on and mess around with the Mr Tickle tickling it...Mr Strong lifting it...
soon we will be able to see how good it is...lets hope...

Mr Nosey is very odd with a tie and small nose unless it grows in the animation. This animation will be shown on Five Jan 2008. 5th October 2006.....
see backgrounds and where the new shape Mr Men live...nice to see background info on a animation a interesting blog. It has storyboards..background pictures..scripts..the voices of the aniamtion..and much more..

This is now all the pictures and text uploaded from the Mr Men info geocities website which will close at the end of from now on the posts I do will be new...and I intend to do more posts on this new keep coming back..

Heres a few posts I did on the Mr Men in the past at another blog..before creating this new blog.

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