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Mr Men Music and Videos


From the tv series the stories read by Arthur Lowe..

Joe Campbell’s music is on the animations with the voice of Arthur Lowe are delightful! Joe Campbell with arrangements by Mr Keith Mansfield and produced by Joe Campbell and Mr David Barnes did a BBC tape of songs featuring the Mr Men songs-
Lets go to Misterland (the theme song of the Mr Men! In the chorus- Mr fields Mr trees, Mr birds and Mr bees, )
Mr Sneeze ( where animals on the song sneeze in time to the music!)
Mr Silly’s Nonsenseland band (where animals conducted by Mr Silly and Mr Nonsense play different instruments! It is a truly funny nonsense song!!! A rhino plays his horn! Octopus is a drummer, etc...
Daydreaming ( a lovely song about daydreaming through the seasons! I used to play this before I went to sleep as a child!)
Mr Topsy-Turvey (is a funky song, with lots of back to front lyrics! the music on the track is recorded forward and backwards which is very clever! the chorus!!!!- upside down downside up is a topsy-turvey talk, back to front and front to back is topsy-turvey walk, inside outside upside down back to frontwards too, inwards-outwards-upwards-downwards is topsy-turvey true! )
Mr Greedy’s Little Light Lunch ( a bucket of Custard, ice cream in tons, a gallon of soup, bunches of bananas, one hundred dumplings and million of peas and a bread and butter or two!! Plum duffs!! At the end Mr Greedy wasn’t feeling very hungry today!!!!!!
The Happy song (the chorus -Nobody needs an education your happiness was no expernation everybody smile, grin and sing! sing,sing a sing a sing along it’s a very happy very very happy song!)
Mr Tickle ( the chorus-round round the record like a Mr Man one step two step tickle me if you can!!)
Nosey- Nosey ( the song includes- she pegged my nose when she was hanging up clothes, squirted my nose the man with the hose, crow pecked my nose, the gardener pruned my nose, rang my nose, punch on the nose now I’ve got a cold in my nose!!!!)
Christmas Snow ( recounts the days leading up to Christmas hoping it will snow! it is a beautiful song very magical! we’re going to have snow this Christmas is the chorus)
Mr Bump ( the chorus-have you met Mr Bump he is a clumsy chap going bump into this and into that be sure that you don’t bump into him today or he will bump you out of the way!)
Mr Small (a wiggle is better than a great white whale, a breeze is better than a howling gale, a mouse is better than a mighty moose, a shiver is better than a great earthquake!, a shrimp is better than a big fat fish,a noun is better than the alphbet a jumping bean is better than a jumbo jet,
The lyrics are by Roger Hargreaves! It just shows how talented he was!!!

The new Mr Men music 'The Best Mr Men Album in the world...ever! came out in 1987 with songs written by Paul Mardle, Vocals by Jed Fry, Lyn Clare, Karen Noble, Doug McGinley and Lisa Abbott. Poems written by Mike Kitson and narrated by Douglas Blackwell. Songs and poems produced by CYP Music ltd. Executive Producer John Bassett. Virgin records.

The Mr Men videos
There have been four videos containing the animations by Flicks Films Ltd
which were produced in 1974. These are really interesting cell animations
as it reveals more pictures which are not in the Mr Men books.
The narrator is Arthur Lowe who is idealy suited for the Mr Men’s voices!
Arthur is well known in England for the comedy actor in Dad’s Army.
The comedy is set in World war 2 as the home guard made up of mostly old men prepare
to protect our coast line! in hilarious results!!!

There are 100 episode of this new series of Mr Men for Channel 5 and Nick Jr
Mr Small finds a job!

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