Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Mr Men and Little Miss book Spin-offs

A nice gift indeed!!
There is a story about Mr Happy going to Glumland..meets the Mayor everyone is sad
...Mr Happy then changes the name of the land to Smile-ville!
Everyone is Happy.... A pre Little Miss Sunshine story in 1975!

See inside the Mr Men cook book...thanks to Evelyn. Its interesting that the inside pictures of how to cook is drawn by someone else in a different style...with Rogers Mr Men above. Heres the email I recieved with the pictures inside.
Hello I Looking through books at a charity shop for my young son when I can across an old copy of The Mr.Men Cookbook. Is this a rare copy I think it was printed in 1979. Is this of any interest to you? and do you have any information on this? Before I let my 3 year old son to get his hands on it. Regards Evelyn

Mr Cheeky a new Mr Men by Adam Hargreaves.. inspired by Gemma Almond (aged 8)
who won the competition to design a Mr Man..this is only found in WH was for the 30 year birthday of the Mr Men.
Some of the money when you bought the book went to the charity -Children with Leukameia

The Mr Men and Little Miss books have incorporated a "guest star" for the first time. One thousand copies of Little Miss Stella, based on designer Stella McCartney, are being used as invitations to a fashion show. From


  1. Nice post - mr men pictures ..Keep Posting

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  2. weren't these books also sold in America?

  3. I have Mr. Bump's Brainteasers. I'll send you the pictures if you want. :)