Saturday, 10 October 2009


In a country called Nowhere,
Roger Hargreaves heard a strange call,
He looked and he looked for someTHING, But there was noTHING at all.

But then Things started to happen- He could hardly believe his eyes!
There was Things jumping all over Nowhere, Things of all colours and size.

So the story of how Things came about!
The illustration for this A4 book are brilliant!

They have a cross patching effect which makes them feel very furry!
There are Things from all over the world..U.S.A
Thing band...Thing Nurse...Things on the bus, Things on a plane..etc..
The book is dedicated to Chris (his wife Christine) for everyTHING. (how sweet!)
From the picture below you can see a little bit of Timbuctoo and Mr Men in them!
Do I see a Trumpet (timbuctoo) and Mr Strong!
This Thing even stands on the same ground as the Mr Men!!

Now look at this inside cover from the Mr Men annual 1983...
It came from this idea for the Things when they went to the moon!

This Thing as stole Mr Sillies shoes!!!
The ending is very cheeky!

I must have been seeing Things," I thought. "I must have dreamed it all."
But then one last Thing I saw. He was very, very small.
"Goodbye, old Thing," I said to him. "Goodbye he said to me,
"But one last Thing," he said to me, "I'm not a he, I'm she."

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