Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Mr Men and Little Miss Book History

The book was later published by Thurman Publishing
I am very impressed with the strong logo for this company

Inside the book was a cool Mr Men poster offer which I had..I don't!

In 1976 a new design was tried out for the Mr Men books!
A crossword puzzle was in the inside back cover
with words to be found refering to the Mr or Little Miss story!

Find 10 quiet things in the wordsearch..such as bubble!

Then the back cover showed the Mr Men... making you want to complete your collection!
I remember how excited I was when the new Mr Men arrived!

Then the Mr Men were shown in order!
Mr Tickle being the first and at the end Mr Slow he was very slow in coming!

The back cover has been redrawn by Adam Hargreaves with the new Mr Men.

The first Mr Men book (1971 15p) by A Fabbri Book
The Mr Men’s first series in 1971, started with Mr Tickle, Mr Greedy,
Mr Happy, Mr Nosey, Mr Sneeze, Mr Bump and Mr Snow.
The Second series started in 1972, with Mr Messy, Mr Topsy-Turvy, Mr Silly, Mr Uppity, Mr Small, Mr DayDream
Next in 1976 14) Mr Forgetful all the way up to 26) Mr Strong
From 1976- 1990 it went up to (27) Mr Grumpy to (39) Mr Slow
The last four Mr Men books came after and are not drawn by Roger Hargreaves- Mr Brave, Mr Grumble, Mr Perfect, Mr Cheerful.
The back cover of the first Mr Men books!

The first little Miss books (1981 50p) had the Mr Men on the front making witty comments!

On the back it shows the first Little Misses!
Little Miss Plump later became Little Miss Greedy!

Later in 1984, the other Little Misses joined in the fun.

Then in 1997 with the help of a Colette David, Viviane Cohen and Evelyne Lallemand
(French artist and writers)
came Little Miss Somersault, Little Miss Brainy, Little Miss Fun etc...had arrived!

The new stories of the Mr Men and Little Miss by Adam Hargreaves.
It came out in 1998 starting with 3 little misses and 3 Mr Men
Until it became 12 books of Little Miss and 12 Mr Men.


  1. I have just discovered I own a mint original Mr Tickle book. I am thinking of selling it but have no idea what it is worth. Fabbri are the publishers and it cost 20p when new 1971.

    Can you advise? Also, really enjoyed looking around these blogs. Took me back to happy childhood memories. I may end up keeping the book but wondered if it was something a collector would want to buy and what it would be worth. Thanks

  2. I am confused, it is written above that the original edition is worth 15p...

  3. The reason you see a 20p on the book above on the post is that I don't own a 15p one..they are hard to come by..

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