Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Albert, Grandfather clock and Count Worm

The picture on the wall is Hippo Potto!
This Mr Man can change into a clock!!!! How weird and wonderful!!

A new farmer I've never met before Farmer Smiles!
Thanks Mike N for the Grandfather clock pictures!

IDEA by me........Mr Grandfather clock could have a new story where when he turns into a clock he could go back in time and visit different history moments!!!

Got a great book from Kent, Albert the Alphabetical elephant, Count worm and Grandfather clock! All in one book from 1977

Albert is similar to count has a lovely humour when Albert gets to the letter x he can't think of anything! Also Z is when he is asleep:) with a smile! Also it is strange when his trunk splits to make a dot for an i!! very strange...

Count worm needs a friend to help him do a 10:)...I love the drawings of house, countryside and fence! Get this book now on ebay..or search for ages like me in book shops!:)

Roger Hargreaves did other books ...Hippo Potto..
I've never seen these books..if you more info on content please email me!

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