Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Spec Savers Mr Men advert..done in 70's style..:)

This is just the off model Mr Men like the animation was..also the voice over is a bit like Arther Lowes..
Brought back lots of good memories..

Well this ad made me smile..:)

Also liked the Postman Pat one was even recorded on video tape to give the same look..


  1. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the informative blog! Really helpful. You mention that Roger Hargreaves didn't do the 4 1990 Mr.Men books (and I would assume all the 1990 Little Miss books too?) but do you know who did? I'd love to find out.

  2. It was a French artist..
    There was even a Mr No and Little Miss Yes which wasn't taken up in this country..

  3. Thanks Peter,
    Really appreciate the answer. Would you mind me asking how you found that out? I was having a hard time finding a source - even the publishers have insisted to me that they were done by Roger Hargreaves (tricky given the whole being dead thing).

  4. The art style is not very good and its badly done in my opinon...its easy to see its not by Roger..

    If you buy a French Mr Men book you will see the characters on the back of the book..
    also I did ask Adam myself when I met him at a book signing..:)

    Adam does a much better job at creating new characters and stories..