Thursday, 27 May 2010

More Daily Mail ..Mr Men comic strip

As said before my Grandma used to save these for me...I would cut them out and stick them in my scrap a very messy way.hey I was a child..:) a very happy child..

This is in response to this forum..
though above is the Daily Mail comic strip..

To see the Daily Mirror Mr Men comic stip go to the website below.I've done it and loved reading the Mirrors old comic stips..just for a small price..


  1. Well, if you could take screenshots of the files on that newspaper website it would be equally delightful - had a right old giggle at reading the comics you've had scanned. Thanks! :D

  2. The true beauty of the Mr Men is that they are not 70s style - or any other decade style. They are classic. Timeless. Long live them!